Avenida da Boavista, where what's important is!

The EdifΓ­cio Porto Magnum has already conquered its space in the architecture of the city of Porto.
Cosmopolitan and modern, it is the building to have your space and refuge.
A dream turned in to opportunity.

Centrality and Proximity!

Centrality still is a strong value and a powerful argument.
The easiness of entering and leaving the city, the near by river or the sea, nature in the City Park, are some of the benefits of a quality investment.
A guarantee of profitability for the future.

An opportunity for the future!

Quality of materials and equipment. Modern lines. Various security solutions on different rooms. The balance of spaces and all areas.
These are guarantees of a safe investment and satisfaction of the most demanding needs of safety and comfort.
An opportunity for the future of the whole family.


(+351) 226 153 330

(+351)Β 917 841 052


Β Rua de Dominguez Alvarez, 44 a 272

4105-801 Porto – Av. da Boavista

Stand de Vendas

nΒΊ 44 – Loja 1



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An architectural landmark in the city, the Porto Magnum building has become a symbol of quality for those who live in the city.

Located at premium area in “​​Avenida da Boavista”, with good accessibilities and close to several places of interest, the Porto Magnum building has several types of apartments, shops and offices available.

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